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Upstate 2024

May 16 (4pm-7pm) 
May 17 (8:30am - 3:00pm)

Where Innovation Meets Excellence

Welcome to Innovate Upstate, a creative conference designed to ignite and amplify the spirit of innovation across Upstate New York. This unique event is tailored to bring together educational leaders, thought leaders, and visionaries from various districts to explore, collaborate, and propel Upstate New York into a future marked by groundbreaking innovation.


Opening Keynote: Tom Burton

Retired Superintendent of Princeton City Schools

Topic: "Sometimes the Apple Bounces"

Tom Murray

Director of Future Ready

Topic: "Adapting and Adopting Innovations in the Classroom"



Panel Discussions by local educational leaders sharing best practices in leading innovations

Breakout Sessions on Implementation Strategies, Classroom Innovations, Leadership Development, and more.

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We are looking for innovative school teams to share their strategies for success. 
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